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power up your mathematics

Kangourou SF!

Kangourou sans Frontières is an international association founded in France, which is formed by maths lovers from all over the world. Motivated by the importance of mathematics in the modern world. The aim is to spread the joy of mathematics, support mathematical education in schools and promote a positive perception of mathematics in society through the Kangaroo Mathematics Competition. Besides inspiring ideas, perseverance and creativity, they require imagination, basic computational skills, logical thinking and other problem solving strategies. 

why join?

Besides the fun of participation here are the benefits of a Hippo English Competition.

  1. Schools & coordinators receive a certificate of participation. 

  2. Winners receive gold, silver and bronze medals based on their percentile of total scores. 

  3. Winners are granted the opportunity to qualify for the World Championship.

step by step

Move between the numbers below to understand the registration process based on what describes you better and preview competition rules.

schools & teachers


Send out one of our parent communication letters (click here to download) to consider how many students are looking to register for the competition and pay the participation fee. If the school/department will be covering the participation fee, ignore this step and send a communication letter (click here to download) about the competition. 


Request access to our members area (click here) and fill in the information required there for each student: full name, email address, exact date of birth, school name, mobile phone number. 


Revise the rules and set the preferred date of examination at your school available on our members area and fill the venue approval form.


Once you've set the date, an invoice will be released to your school which can be settled  online using a debit/credit card or in-cash via a courier upon your request. 

parents & students


Revise the rules. If you're already registered for the competition at your school you don't have to register again. 


Submit the registration form by clicking here


Pick a convenient location for you to attend an exam on. 


Pay your registration fee using a debit/credit card.

levels & fees

There are 6 levels available for registration this 2020-21 season for students between 7 and 18 years of age. 

The competition takes on 1 round before the finals. Preliminary rounds were all registered participate on April 16, 2021.

To revise the rules and complete previous exams for revision purposes, please click here.


1 & 2

3 & 4

5 & 6 

7 & 8

9 & 10

11 & 12


Pre Ecolier







price per student.

LL 60,000


price per student.

LL 55,000


price per student.

LL 45,000

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