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study abroad

U.S. universities remain the most attractive location for higher studies, but they have become more selective when it comes to which students they invite to join their classrooms. Out of the thousands of applications submitted annually, admissions counselors at the top 100 universities and liberal arts colleges are looking for the students that stand-out among their peers, and our tutoring can guarantee you do.

why join?

our process helps us deliver the best results to students by

  1. Identifying the schools that match both your desired area of study or major and your personal interests.

  2. Understanding your current academic qualifications including: test scores,  GPA, extra-curricular activities, and interests.

  3. Hands-on instruction and advice, and hand holding throughout the entire process to guarantee you don't make costly mistakes. 

  4. Assisting you in crafting a personal statement that truly reflects your qualifications to join a top 100 university or private liberal arts college.

create a difference, and this is why we try our best to teach you the necessary for you to proceed with what is needed to guarantee your students' success. If you are looking for a shift in your skills and experience, being an admission advisor is appreciated around the world in teaching positions. Personally, it can help you become more competitive in certain positions, because your employers would know you care about your students beyond grades. Our training will help you develop the skills needed to work with your students in groups or individually, and which steps to take at the right time, every year to empower them to pursue degrees they love. 


can work with us, on either developing their own international admissions office, or referring students to us for guidance. In establishing your own department, staff members receive the necessary training to work with their students every year, identifying students with potential and ensuring their portfolio elements are developed the right way to guarantee acceptance on submitting their applications.  


are encouraged to communicate with us directly, to register their kids for international admissions guidance, regardless of their kids' age. In our process, we estimate the number of hours required for follow-up with the child, and assist you in understanding what's lacking in the applications, whether it be in academic achievement or personal skills development. Dr. Laffey is personally in your sessions, and develops a detailed plan for your child to increase their acceptance chances, and proceeds in helping you implement it. 



what types of acceptances have we guaranteed so far.


​Number of Students & Scholarship Type Ranking

​Washington University, St. Louis

Johns Hopkins University

1 Scholarship, Accommodation & Fees

1 Scholarship, Accommodation & Fees

​14 - Private Universities

​25 - Private Universities

​University of Michigan

1 Scholarship

​1 - Public Universities

Wake Forest University

1 Scholarship

​36 - Private Universities

NYU - New York University

​1 Scholarship

39 - Private Universities

​University of Cincinnati

1 Scholarship

​48 - Private Universities

​University of Rochester

5 Scholarships & 4 Accommodations

​61 - Private Universities

​University of Miami

​1 Scholarship

​60 - Private Universities

​Washington and Lee University

​1 Scholarship, Accommodation & Fees

​9 - Liberal Arts

Swarthmore College

​Davidson College

Reed College

Colgate University

Whitman College

​Trinity College

​Connecticut College

​Florida International University

​University of Louisville

Drexel University

​2 Scholarships & Accommodation

2 Scholarships, Accommodation & Fees

1 Scholarship & Accommodation

2 Scholarships, 1 Accommodation & Fees

2 Scholarship, Accommodation & Fees

1 Scholarship, Accommodation & Fees

2 Scholarships, Accommodation & Fees

2 Scholarships, 1 Accommodation & Fees

1 Scholarship

1 Scholarship

​2 Scholarship

12 - Liberal Arts

​13 - Liberal Arts

Not Applicable

​20 - Liberal Arts

​38 - Liberal Arts

​63 - Liberal Arts

​67 - Liberal Arts

​85 - Public Universities

​101 - Public Universities

​148 - Private Universities

​260 - Private Universities

​Stetson University


who will be helping you achieve the goals. 

Dr. Lee-Ann Laffey

The Chief Executive Officer of Global Academic Scholar Services with 7 years of experience in international students' admissions and guidance. Dr. Laffey has put her experience as a former admissions applications evaluator to practice in underdeveloped nations, granting them equal opportunities of success as their counterparts.

Her dedication has allowed her to guarantee the success of 45 students last year from Egypt, India, and several other African nations along, find the results of her work in the table below.


fees & benefits 

Our admissions advising takes on students of all ages.

It is preferred that advising begins at the age of 14 or 15. Students who don't start at this young age, are assessed independently to understand their portfolio better, and decide on what steps to pursue for us to increase your chances getting accepted. 

  • includes 2 teacher trainings & advising. 

  • establish your own internal department.

USD 1,600

  • price per student per session.

  • Understand how many sessions you need from the start. 

USD 20

  • price per teacher training.

  • become a certified admissions advisor.

USD 1,000

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